Arte e Comunicazione International srl

Arte e Communicazione Srls avails of a select network of Italian and international professionals in order to offer its clients dubbing and localisation that guarantee accurate transposition from the source language to its destination language, respecting the original intent, but interpreting it in a way that it has a correct sense in its destination market. In order for this to happen it is important to localise "on site", in other words, where the language is actually alive, pulsating and evolving alongside the social and cultural changes in the place it is spoken.
Arte e Comunicazione has been a partner of leading Italian cinema distribution and editing companies and television networks for more than 30 years, placing the voice at the centre of its work, where it is an instrument that gives words their original and emotional meaning in all the languages of the world.
Arte e Comunicazione offers dubbing services in the following languages: Arab, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German and Polish.

Owner and Artistic Director

Gigi Rosa began his career in 1980 and has worked over the years with leading companies in the Italian cinema and television sectors, not only as an actor, voice actor, speaker and conductor, but also as a translator, adapter, and dubbing director.
His experience in the artistic field teamed with a solid knowledge of video/audio digital editing instruments provides him with all the skills necessary to supervise the entire production process in person.